You can either do it in the comments, or do it at your blog! Just tell me! I got this one from Iona!

1.spin left while spinning count to 2 and then spin right while spinning count to 4, What is in front of you? my bed!
2. what is right under your feet? The floor
3.If you reach as far as you can to the right what are you touching? air…
4. do you have any pets?(if so how many?) No

5.If you could change your living room what would you change about? Don’t know, maybe a nicer rug…

6.What is in your refrigerator? Yogurt and Gogurts, fruit, meat, and more…
7.What is at the TOP of your refrigerator? Ceral, peanut butter crackers, chocolate, and more!
8.How many plants are in your home? NONE

5.Is your bed made right now? no

6.Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home? plastic

7.how many pillows do you sleep with? 1!
8.What color is your toothbrush? Blue and white
9.Is there anything under your bed? garbage probably :)

10.What Chore you hate doing the most? Cleaning the bathroom probably, it just depends on what mood i am in…
11.How many mirrors do you have in your home? one big one and then a couple mini ones
12.What color are your walls? All of my walls are white!
13.What does your home smell like right now? Nothing

14.Favorite candle sent? I have A LOT!

15.What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now? Don’t know… I don’t think we ahve any pickles right now…

16.What color is your favorite Bible? Green

17.In case of fire, what are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip? Books, my MP3 players, and my purse, and then my family. :)

Ok, now it is your turn! Do it on your blog and tell me what your URL is!



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  1. Dreamer says:

    I did it. You know my URL.