85 things about me!

Here are 100 things about me! Hopefully I can think of a hundred! :)

1. I am a real book-worm.

2. I read 11 books in Janurary

3. I have three brothers

4. This week is my mom and dad’s 14th anavirsery

5. I take voice lessons and Tae-kwon-do

6. Two of my favorite series is The Series of Unforunate Events, Twilight, and Christy Miller

7. I am reading The 39 Clues book right now

8. I LOVE Facebook

9. When I was little, I was really lonely and had no friends, and now I have lots!

10. We are trying to sell out house

11. I like murder mysteries TV shows

11. I LOVE music, you should see my CD case

12. I love clothes, make-up and everything else

13. Most of my friends are older then me

14. I am the oldest of my brothers

15. I LOVE cereal, I would eat it about 5 times a day if I could

16. I have long hair, well, to my shoulders

17. I take photo class

18. I have to read an hour a day

19. I LOVE Coke

20. I am not a big fan of flowers

21. The only holidays I take off of school is, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and I think that is it

22. I have about 4 PJS

23. I almost bought a cell-phone, but changed my mind

24. My best friend’s house is practically my second home

25. I am homeschooled

26. My mom works at home, and most of the time my dad does also

26. The last 2 years, I have had a slumber party for my birthday

27. In the summer, I am singing at a thing with about 50 people watching, and I am excited

28. I don’t know if I am going to be able to think of 100 things

29. My family lives in a small house

30. I have a really small bedroom, and a small bed

31. I have a computer in my bedroom

32. My family lives in Washington

33. We live in a little town

34. I own about 20 books, and they keep coming

35. My mom owns about 200 hundred books

36. I have to other blogs

37. My family doesn’t have a dishwasher

38. I love ice-cream, who doesn’t?

39. My nails are only about a half-inch above my nails, and they are the longest I have every had them

40. I am not a big fan of  jewlery, except earrings

41. I am the only girl in my family

42. Out of EVERYONE in my family (including cousins) there are 9 boys and only 2 girls including me

43. I am the oldest of my cousins and everybody else

44. My mom is the oldest of all of her sisters

45. My mom doesn’t have any brothers

46. My dad has a mix of brothers and sisters

47. Half of of family I have never seen

48. I spend most of my bedtime watching TV on my computer

49. I not into lotions yet

50. I have a Webkinz

51. I have about 100 pairs of earrings

52. I have a pair of diamend earrings, from my Grandma

53. I go to Awana

54. We had the Grand Prix at Awana a couple days ago

55. I like to paint my nails, but my mom doesn’t

56. I like the smell of car gas

57. My mom and I mostly listen to the same music

58. My dad is older then my mom

59. I know how to type really fast, but not the right way

60. My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, but go to a Harvest Party

61. I only have to have my braces for a little bit longer

62. I don’t like my braces

63. I LOVE spicy things

64. One of my favorite spicy things, is chicken wings

65. I don’t like Tae-kwon-do

66. I used to take Ballet, but quit

67. I have only been to one mall, and I onely went to it once

68. My mom reaviews books and movies and get them for free

69. We have several pizza places in my small town

70. I have to stay up really late

71. I love apples, but hate apple sauce

72. I have had Jesus Christ in my heart since I was about 5 years old

73. I love the Take5 candy bars

74. My family got rid of most of our videos

75. I have a MP4 player

76. I don’t have a lot of money

77. 4 of the people in my family wear glasses

78. I love anything sweet

79. My dad used to have a mustache, but shaved it off

80. I love to have fun!

81. I have gone to Silverwood once, and it was a blast

82. I saw InkHeart

83. Yesterday I went to my first Barnes and Noble!

84. My mom I think has over 50 books

85. I now this 85 things about me is about me, but is very hard!


About Natalie K.

I'm a 12-year-old girl and a Christian! I have 3 brothers - Noah, Jonathan, and Josiah, and my mom and dad have been married for 14 years. I love God and Jesus very much and I hope you will like my blog!
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  2. savannah says:

    Wow! I never go to malls either

    I like gas too!

    Lucky you! I’m not allowed to get facebook.