Flash Flood- 2 times in one week

Gosh, ok first of all, we had a HUGE flash flood on Tuesday or Monday and my brother’s and I want out and touched the water that was like a river, and it went up to our anckles!!! My dad and a few other guys were helping a elderly lady across the street, who doesn’t live on a hil, and they had brooms trying to make it so the water doesn’t get into her basement!

 Ok, let me tell you something before I go on. I am taking care of my neighbors, who lives a block away, dog. Ok, that’s it. Now today my friend and I were taking care of her, her name is Krissy, and there was another flash flood. The kennel where Krissy sleeps in down below a hill and the water went from the owners front yard and into the kennel. I was crying so hard because, i went to fill her water-bowl and I am soaked in a matter of seconds. Oh, first I am screaming and then I am crying because Krissy is scared and almost runs away… We get her because she’s afraid of water and there is another little river so she comes back to us. And why she ran away in the first place was because she didn’t want to go in her kennel, and then we actually realised that the water was going into her kennel. So I have a wakkie-takkie and I am talking to my bro while my mom is on the phone screaming,”GET MOM DOWN HERE NOW!” And so about 3 min. later my mom pulls up, Krissy is whimpering and shaking like crazy. Pretty soon the water dies down and we are able to put her back. And then about an hour later, my friend and I are into new dry cloths, we check on her again and she is still shaking so my friend I take care of that, by the way.

 So that is my story, and even though it’s June and we have had pretty hot days so far, we have had pretty wet days also.


P.S. Did I mention that I fell and slipped onto my butt while my friend and I were trying to empty the water out a tarp…


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  1. savannah says:

    WOW! that is scary!