Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while! Couple things to tell you all, I have read 77 books so far this year. I got a new haircut. And I also got my first interview with Lisa Samson the author of the Hollywood Nobody series a Christian series about a girl who is always on the road.

I get my braces off in like a month, I am SO ready for them to be off. Nothing else to really say, the weather here is really good. Some days it is like 100 degrees. Oh, also, I got a new bathing suit, it’s the tank one, I am TOTALLY not aloud to where bikinis.

Also, click here if you want to see my interview with Lisa Samson




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I'm a 12-year-old girl and a Christian! I have 3 brothers - Noah, Jonathan, and Josiah, and my mom and dad have been married for 14 years. I love God and Jesus very much and I hope you will like my blog!
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  1. savannah says:

    Cool. I now have FB.

  2. charms says:

    I thought this guy was serious!! So much so, that I basically checked out of the business, let him take control of it, and began making plans for the next chapter in our life journey. I gave him our offer sheet, and it went unacknowledged for three weeks. I started to wonder what the hell was happening – no counter offer, no discussion, no “are you crazy, I wouldn’t give you half of what you’re asking for this dump!”pandora beads